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About the Crew

Stick and Move Youth Crew is a youth dance company specializing in breakdance, acrobatics, choreography, popping, and more. Founded in January of 2015 by Jonathan "InLight" St. Clair, the SMYC was designed for children that have a very strong affinity for dance and a very strong desire to realize their potential as an artist. The methodology Jonathan employs was created with the participant's wholistic development in mind, so the program is dense with transferrable skills that can be applied across life for their advantage. Though the SMYC is a vehicle where young dancers can have fun developing into thriving professional artists; it's a co-product of the other priority, grooming the participants to be good, well-rounded, responsible, members of society. This way, they are responsible with the attention that their incredible talents will warrant and make good choices as they navigate through their lives.
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The Philosophy of Stick and Move was inspire by Muhammad Ali & Bruce Lee. Both were the best in the world in their respective arts not by luck, but through consistent dedicated passionate focus. Not only did they master the physicality, they also cultivated their minds to such great heights that they positively effected and influenced millions of people across multiple generations across the world. We value education and there is an academic incentive for participants to excel in school as well as the Arts. We believe in being well rounded Artists that can do the performance and understand the business as well. 

All the greats past or present have or have had coaches, who've helped them achieve their goals and success. Adding to their own creativity, hard work, and genius, the know that it's vital to learn from those who've come before us. What makes it possible to get the value from the elders, is being coachable. Being coachable is a great advantage as it sets the stage for rapid growth and development allowing for the new generations to receive the baton and take the discipline(s) to new heights. 

Our Values


We respect each other, our instructors, our opponents, our parents, academic teachers and most importantly ourselves. Disrespectful behavior to others, our spaces, and property has no place in the Stick and Move Youth Crew.  May result in the privilege to participate will be revoked.

Self Conduct/Control

Everyone is in charge of themselves. we are responsible for our own actions regardless of what others are doing around us. In all situation SMYC members strive to always conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Cultivating self control allows us to bring the same zest to the life when its fun and when it's not; Seize the value available during the limited times that opportunities present.


  Whether in practice or in competition, we believe in celebrating the achievements of others as they were our own. We strive to choose inspiration as our response to the gains of others and use encouraging words and kind gestures as our response to others during our own successes and gains. 


For every serious artists, it is a requirement to take good care of his/her instrument. As Movement Artists, having a healthy body is what enables us to perform the maneuvers we love, so we value making healthy choices: drinking sufficient water, choosing healthier food/snack options, stretching, exercise, breathing fully etc. so we can reap the rewards of having strong healthy bodies and retain the ablity to do maneuvers that less than 1% of human beings can perform.


Teamwork makes the dream work. In Stick and Move Youth Crew we work together to achieve our personal and collective goals. No one is an island so regardless of whether it's with your helicopters or homework we support one another.  We celebrate each others accomplishments and cheering each other on in the process. 

These ingredients combined with the incredible talent the children bring to the world is a recipe for




June 26th-Aug 18th   7am-5:45pm  8 weeks

University Church 5655 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637

For children ages 8-15 using the Creative Method coined by founder Jonathan St. Clair that is designed for students
within this wide range of ages to learn together, safely in the same space.

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Tuition can be submitted online and Upon arrival, parents will be given registration forms due to be completed onsite.



What to Bring

  • Sneakers with arch support (basketball shoes or cross trainers preferred)
  • Sweat pants or shorts 
  • Tshirt/athletic shirt ( jacket optional)
  • Beanie (Skull cap)
  • *Kneepads (available at Sportsmart) [*Required on week 3]
  • Water or sports drink
  • Healthy snack


Scroll below to see acceptable items.


These items are important for each dancer to have at every rehearsal, performance, and competition. To easily keep everything together we require that dancers designate a "dance bag" for these essentials with a check list to make sure that they have everything for each event.  

Questions? Contact us! 


Phone: (773) 968-5648

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